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Uncover Your Hidden Value

Helping organizations revolutionize your projects to unlock the hidden value in your project waste to cut costs, reduce risk and increase quality.

Project Community

Bringing together professionals from various project practices in one community. Project managers, business analysts, change managers and more

Professional Development

Unlocking the awesomeness in you and your team to ensure optimal project performance

About Us

Knowledge is not information, it is transformation - Osho
Unlock Your Value

We believe that you and your organisation have what it takes to deliver exceptional projects. Sometimes you just need to uncover the hidden value within to enable you to deliver projects that cost less, have less risk and deliver the highest quality outcomes. Our solutions are designed to leverage what already exist, we work together with you to show you how to unlock your hidden value.

  • Fortitude

    Overcoming obstacles with unwavering fortitude

  • Veracity

    Always operating with integrity, honesty and transparency

  • Flexibility

    In business and projects you must always be open and flexible

  • Fun

    Above all else, make sure you have fun!

Our Team

Our Amazing Louvinites
Louise Ledbrook
Chief Louvinite
“I am passionate about creating intelligent & intuitive solutions to revolutionise the way projects are run to gain greater value from your current workforce, consistently implement best practice, remove rework and reduce costs for the organisation.”
Jary Nubla-Roach
Pro SMART Manager
Haidee Nonog
Pro SMART Analyst
Albert Cruz
Lead Developer
Christine Carreon


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