About The Louvin Group

We believe that you and your organisation have what it takes to deliver exceptional projects. Sometimes you just need to uncover the hidden value within to enable you to deliver projects that cost less, have less risk and deliver the highest quality outcomes. Our solutions are designed to leverage what already exists, we work together with you to show you how to unlock your hidden value.

Professional Education & Development

Our Professional Education & Development department is dedicated to providing quality information, tools and support to professionals, students and business persons alike.

We are passionate about helping business and project professionals to:

  • Implement practical solutions to run smoother projects with quality outcomes
  • Discover and build on your strengths
  • Learn through collaboration and sharing knowledge between project practices
  • Find solutions to be more efficient and effective giving you more time to do what you enjoy
  • Be a stand out, sought after professional

Services include:

Our goal is to use our experience to inform you how to best navigate the project, business and technology mine fields, and help you apply these learnings to work and everyday life to be more organised and in control.

Pro SMART – Solution Design

Pro SMART helps organisations find sustainable solutions that deliver best practice projects, increase the value add of staff and reduce the ongoing cost to deliver projects.

Wasted skills, resources, knowledge and information can be found throughout organisations and there are no greater culprits of waste than projects.

Pro SMART has a passion for waste transformation. We help organisations and leaders implement strategies that result in:
– Effective reutilisation of project knowledge and intelligence
– Enable increased value add from staff
– Reduce overall costs of projects
– Reduce ramp up time for projects
– Foster best practice
– Reduce project risk
– Allow organisations to be more agile and flexible

We believe the best way to achieve this is through holistic strategies that include systems, process and culture.

We are also the creators of Pro SMART Tools®. Designed with over 30 years of experience in projects and a passion for enabling organisations to operate at peak level. Find out more at Pro SMART.


 Louise Ledbrook – Chief Louvinite

Louise LedbrokLouise has over 18 years experience in business and project management. She has worked in a variety of industries including Financial Institutions, Government Departments & the Private Sector and is now armed with an arsenal of strategies that help her clients achieve highly successful results with less stress.

Louise is the Founder of Project Community, an online community created to bring together project professionals from all sorts of project practices to share information in the spirit of greater understanding and better run teams and projects.

Seeing a gap in the technology market for increasing efficiency, reducing rework and improving on best practice for projects, Louise became the Innovator of Pro SMART Tools®. A revolutionary tool that turns your project knowledge into intelligence.

Louise now spends her time helping people in various project practices and organizations to run more effective, efficient and successful projects.

Her mission is to help these people enjoy what they do and empower them to have more time to do what they enjoy.

“I am passionate about creating intelligent & intuitive solutions to revolutionise the way projects are run to gain greater value from your current workforce, consistently implement best practice, remove rework and reduce costs for the organisation.”