Project Management for Business Led Projects

Businesses are looking for more effective and efficient ways to deliver the multitude of projects on their plate. Leveraging the extensive skill base in their business team members on projects is one way this is commonly being done.

However, projects are already resource intensive.  So to reduce the waste and set the project up for success, you want to set your people up for success with the right skills and knowledge to do an awesome job.

We have been delivering a training course that is designed to help business team members set-up and manage business led initiatives to successful completion.


The following is what you will achieve through this unique training.

  • You will complete the training with a practical understanding of project management to a level that will enable you to effectively manage your initiatives to completion
  • You will come away with a toolkit that you can use from day 1 enabling effective project control
  • The course exercises will enable you to draft some of your key project documents
  • You will learn techniques to effectively plan out the tasks to achieve the required outcomes on your initiatives
  • You will be provided with the tools and process to manage your project to completion successfully

Who it’s for

It’s perfect for projects or programs that:

  • Are giving business team members the opportunity to run initiatives/projects themselves; or
  • There is a mixture of project and business resources delivering initiatives.

In 2015 will your:

  • Business unit run a program or project with business team members managing the initiatives?
  • Program be wrapping up soon and you’ll be handing over to the business to complete the initiative or project?
  • Business unit run a project that couldn’t be completed, as part of a broader project or program?

Project Management for Business Led Initiatives will help your team manage these projects successfully, efficiently and resourcefully.


The training includes:

  • A 1 day or 2 half days live delivery, at your site
  • Participant workbook, resource materials, tools and templates about how to successfully manage projects
  • Customisation of the training materials, to use your Project Charter/Scoping templates and Status templates, if required. It can also be customised for risk, issue and dependency registers, used in your organisation and to spend more time on any particular areas of focus.
  • Two post-training, group, follow-up calls, which will enable participants to share their learnings, explore ideas, expand discussion on a topic or ask any burning questions, directly related to their project.

Note: Other levels of customisation can be discussed and agreed upon. More detailed or expanded customisation will alter the final investment.

What it is

It’s a fun, interactive day where participants actually get to build project outputs in the session.

It’s about learning the key strategies, methods and tools needed to effectively manage and lead a project.  The objective is that by the end of the session, they have begun organising some of the outputs required to plan and manage their projects.

I take participants through the scoping and planning processes, discuss strategies for effective stakeholder engagement and management, how to monitor and manage initiatives and how to effectively communicate and work with their teams.

What it isn’t

It is not a course for expert project managers (although it is a good refresher) and it is not designed to teach the ins and outs of your project methodology and framework.  Its focus is on guiding the team through the basic levels of governance required.

It is specifically designed to help business people gain the skills, confidence and understanding required to effectively set-up and manage an initiative to successful completion. Effective project management is key to successful project delivery.

Our most recent training delivery In November, was for the Westpac Group, in a division running a business led strategic program. It has received great feedback for being practical, relevant, informative and easy to use.


Get in quick to book your slot as the first half of the year is filling up.

Book me in!

If you’d like to arrange delivery of this training in 2015 or you’d like to view the full course outline, please drop me an email.


Just a taste of what participants have to say…

btKey Takeaways: Useful tools and techniques to manage projects. What I liked Best and Found Most Useful: The use of good examples and real life experience.  – Business Project Manager, BT Financial Group

27b2387Really helpful insights on things to be mindful of. It was useful to have a varied opinion. – Business Project Manager, Compliance, Westpac Group

27b2387What I liked Best and Found Most Useful: Louise’s delivery of content and reference to her experiences.  – Business Project Manager, Compliance, Westpac Group

btWhat I liked Best and Found Most Useful: The presenter provided many useful tips which are practical, she is a great communicator and listener. – Gabia Simmonds, BT Financial Group


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